Hi I am Priyanka Chhabria and welcome to my blog. Writing has always been my passion and translating it into a blog, a dream. Motherhood has blessed me with incredible things and one of the best things it has given is confidence and belief in me and this blog is simply an extension of it.

I am a Computer Science graduate and got married soon after completing my college. I have always been good at teaching and have an experience of 6 years in teaching. I taught the whole year I was pregnant and the first year Aarav was born. It is one of the most empowering things I have done and I am super proud of myself for that.


Lifestyle, Feb 17, 2021

Stress and Anxiety: Problems of Generation Y

how to deal with stress

Let’s talk about stress and anxiety today. We are living a very fast paced life. Keeping up with the trend and still maintaining the aesthetics of life has become like an everyday task. We are constantly trying to prove ourselves and most of us end up being anxious.

Parenting, Feb 10, 2021

Toddler tantrums : Possible reasons and how to handle them

Having a child means you have to raise him and the parent in you as well. It involves a lot of trial and error but with time we both learn. Although all the parenting phases come with a different set of challenges we need to be extra careful with toddlers (age 2 to 5) and handling toddler tantrums as these are their emotional building years. The way we react and channelize their emotions affects their teenage and adult life as well.

Lifestyle, Feb 03, 2021

My 2020 : A positive tale

While 2020 was a rollercoaster ride, when I look back to those 10 months I see a lot of positive changes in me and my lifestyle. So I thought to document everything here so that I can look back and remember that being stuck at home is not that bad after all.

Collaboration, Jan 26, 2021


Let me start with a question here! Are you comfortable saying out loud that you are on your periods, or you still call it, ‘those days of the month’?

Well, the majority of the women still don’t talk about periods, menstrual hygiene, and most importantly, the problems they face during periods, openly. We all have been raised, tied with 1000s of taboos revolving around Menstruation. Although slowly things are changing but still a lot of awareness is needed.

Product Reviews, Oct 13, 2020


Whenever we talk about a skincare routine, it’s mostly Cleanse Tone and Moisturize. But there is more to it. The skincare routine does not end at CTM, face serum is one of the most important and effective product for healthy and glowing skin.

Parenting, Aug 31, 2020


I have always believed that a mother is born with a child and so she needs as much care and attention as the newly arrived child(ren). No matter how much a first time mom prepares herself and tries to imagine how she would feel after holding the baby for the first time, she feels it truly only after hearing the sound of the first cry. Well, that is the moment of utter happiness and realization that a new life has come into this world through her body.

Parenting; July 7,2020


Flashcards for kids, are one of the most effective mediums for learning. Kids have an exceptional learning capacity and when you provide an attractive visual aid, they tend to remember things forever. So let’s talk about the benefits of using flashcards for toddlers in detail.