Hi I am Priyanka Chhabria and welcome to my blog. Writing has always been my passion and translating it into a blog, a dream. Motherhood has blessed me with incredible things and one of the best things it has given is confidence and belief in me and this blog is simply an extension of it.

I am a Computer Science graduate and got married soon after completing my college. I have always been good at teaching and have an experience of 6 years in teaching. I taught the whole year I was pregnant and the first year after Aarav was born. It is one of the most empowering things I have done and I am super proud of myself for that.

One fine sleepless night I made an Instagram account for Aarav by name, ‘Baby Aarav’ with sole purpose of posting his pictures and gifting him the account once he grows up. Gradually I started sharing about him, his routines, and my struggles and started to connect with moms who were sailing the same boat. Within weeks I changed the name to ‘Mommy_onboard’ and decided to share my journey of motherhood through it.

How did I come up with this name?

We were heading out for dinner one night and I saw ‘Baby On Board’ sign at the back of a car. And it just clicked!! I thought to myself, there should be a ‘ Mommy On Board’ sign also because we are equally vulnerable during pregnancy and after becoming mother. Also, as they say, “Once a mother, Always a mother” so this plane is never landing.

This is how MommyOnBoard was born. I changed my Instagram handle from ‘Baby Aarav’ to ‘Mommy_onboard’ .

But you know, a writer can-not be bounded with word limits. So here’s my blog where I will share everything motherhood has taught me and also everything that Aarav has taught me at length. You will not only see a parent’s journey here but also a woman trying to get better with every passing day and embracing her flaws, a friend motivating you to invest time in self-care and self-love and a fellow human being sharing her experiences picked up while traveling.

So I hope to see you around, supporting me and joining me in this new chapter of my life.

Thanks for stopping by.