Blogchatter A2Z Challenge 2021

A : Theory of Association: Easy way of teaching kids

teaching methods

I have been a teacher for more than half of my life. So when it came to teaching Aarav, I always have different methods clicking instantly. Teaching kids is one of the most difficult tasks because they tend to forget things sometimes. But if you choose to teach methods that involve play and association, the process starts to become easy.

B: Benefits of Book reading for kids

Few things remain with you forever since childhood. One such thing that has always hit me hard since then is, ‘Books are our best friends.’ I am sure you might have also read or heard this line. I have never been a keen reader. I always tend to leave books half-read. But I wanted my toddler to be a books lover. I know there are numerous benefits of reading books and I don’t want my son to miss out on those.

C: Cooking: Survival Skill for kids

cooking for kids

Ever since Aarav started to crawl and play on his own, he has shown a very keen interest in everything related to the kitchen and cooking. He loves washing utensils, kneading dough, washing veggies, stirring milk, making juices, baking cakes and even making chapatis with rolling pins.

D: Discipline: What it means in today’s time?

A lot has changed since we were kids. No one talked about parenting strategies, the cause, and effect of parent’s behavior on children, tantrums, and breakdowns. With technology coming in, people started to become more aware and started to learn different techniques as well. The same is the case with discipline. The meaning and course of discipline have changed tremendously and for good.

E: Teaching Empathy to kids in early years

Empathy is being able to understand and share the emotions of one another and being considerate of what others are going through. It’s a life skill because it helps us to put ourselves in other’s shoes and understand what they must be going through.