Fetal brain development and ways to healthy brain development in womb

Right after fertilization, embryo starts to develop and learn with each passing moment. So let’s understand the development of brain in embryo trimester wise. Fetal brain development is an ongoing process. It happens till the baby is delivered and keeps developing after many years of birth.

Each trimester comes with different challenges and experiences. Every pregnancy is different but the basic development structure remains the same. While first trimester is all about forming neural connections, second trimester involves senses development and third trimester makes your brain ready to learn.

First trimester

First trimester, that is month 1 to 3, only nerve connections start building. These connections enable the movement of the baby in the womb. The neural plate is formed and it is the place from where rest on the brain development starts in later months.

Second trimester

Second trimester is easy is for the moms. Brain development wise, it is crucial because at this point brain stem develops. Brain stem controls:

  • Heart rate
  • Breathing
  • Blood pressure

It is developed completely by the end of the second trimester.

During these three months, baby learns sucking and swallowing impulse. Second trimester is important for reflexes, reactions and movement development. Babies are able to listen and recognize your voice. And so you can start reading, singing and talking to your womb. They also start swallowing amniotic fluid.

Third trimester

Third trimester sees the fastest brain development. The weight of the brain triples and neuron connections become fat. Cerebral cortex takes over brain stem and cerebellum starts to develop. It is responsible for sensing sensory systems and regulate motor movements.

The structure of the brain resembles like adult brain and it is prepared for future learning.

So this is how the fetal brain development takes place in the trimesters. It is not fully developed while birth and takes many more years to develop completely.

How can you help fetal/ baby’s brain development?

  There are few things that you can take care of if you want to help in fetal brain development.

  • Take your prenatal vitamins properly. Iron, Folate and Zinc help in overall development of brain of the child in the womb.
  • Include lot of protein in your diet. It helps in enhancing the brain cells and their functioning.
  • Take proper amount of iodine in your diet. It is very crucial for spinal cord development and other connecting parts. It’s deficiency may lead to premature delivery.
  • Stay away from alcohol and processed food.
  • Read to your child in the womb. They become familiar to voice. It helps in early language learning and increased words recognition.
  • Listen to calming music. It releases happy hormones and that helps in brain development. Studies show that if you listen to Mozart while pregnancy, child is born smart (high IQ).
  • Take proper rest. Lack of rest may affect your mental health and blood pressure. Take ample of rest for a happy and positive mindset. Your vibes reflect on overall development of your child.
  • Don’t stress. Child’s brain is very vulnerable to the mother’s emotions. And so even negative emotions and stress affects them.

These things will definitely help in fetal brain development as everything you do and eat directly affects your baby’s -health and development inside the womb.

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  4. Fetal development is depends a lot on how the expectant other takes care of herself. Pregnancy is not the time to be careless towards your health. Rather it is the perfect time to indulge in self-care . After all, we are doing it for our baby,

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    such an informative article. My both pregnancies just flashed in front of my eyes while reading this. post.

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