Why should you invest in flashcards?


What are the benefits of using flashcards for kids?

Flashcards for kids, are one of the most effective mediums for learning. Kids have an exceptional learning capacity and when you provide an attractive visual aid, they tend to remember things forever. So let’s talk about the benefits of using flashcards for toddlers in detail.

  • Visual medium: This is the biggest reason you should invest in flashcards. They are pictures over words and children understand ideas through images. It challenges their imagination skills and gives a pictorial understanding of the words they are learning.
  • Association: It helps to build an association between the object and its representation. This in turn helps children to translate the association with words. For example, if you are trying to make them learn names of flowers, it may take you 15 to 20 days to make them learn names but once you show them pictures of the flowers you are trying to teach, they can associate particular flower name with its picture and hence will take only a day or two for them to learn.
  • Clutter-free: Each card has one object and that helps to rule out the background clutter and hence making learning an easy process for toddlers. As they are being introduced to new words and objects, they must not be confused with clutter in the picture. If you want to teach them about an elephant, then having other animals in the picture will only add to the confusion. Flashcards rule out this problem and help to make concepts clear.
  • Makes memorizing easy: Flashcards are very effective in helping kids memorize their words. Especially if you are trying to teach them a new language, flashcards are one of the best methods to teach them through association and at the same time not creating pressure on their minds. So next time when they hear a word they have learned through flashcards, they immediately recall the picture in their brain and can identify it perfectly.
  • Versatile: This is my most favorite thing about flashcards. You can use them in a variety of ways to teach and engage your toddler. It can be flipping the card, writing, sorting to name a few.
  • Entices curiosity: Children ask questions about everything they see and observe. Flashcards help to pique their interest in learning by offering one object at a time in which kids can observe properly and ask questions related to that object. This in turn helps to develop reasoning and logic in kids.

    These flashcards are from Class Monitor activity kit.

    These are the benefits of using flashcards for kids. Let me mention a few others to help you decide on whether to invest in flashcards or not.

    • They are budget-friendly. You don’t need to spend a fortune on them.
    • You can use them in a variety of ways and improvise the methods to engage toddlers.
    • They are made up of paper and so light in weight which makes them portable for car rides, restaurants, and even traveling.
    • Flashcards are a visual source of learning but they don’t put stress on eyes.
    • They never go out of fashion and are a timeless way of learning.

    The benefits of using flashcards are not just limited to toddlers. I remember my college entrance exam days. I used flashcards left and right to memorize physics formulae, chemistry formula structures and even the English grammar basics. So invest in a set and you will yourself see how effective they prove to be.

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    1. Flashcards are an attractive way to learn things. It simplifies everything, I am glad you shared everything in detail.

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